Your place to sell.

We are open and are taking vendor reservations.

Interested in becoming a seller? Contact us for details or call Jose at 915-241-4040.

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Rules & Regulations

1. No refunds and no rain checks.

2. All sellers must pay rent prior to setting up. Reservations must be paid for by 12:00 p.m. on Thursday of each week.

3. No loaning or subletting of spaces.

4. Sales tax permit, collection of taxes, and other governmental requirements shall be the responsibility of the seller.

5. Table vendors must park behind their designated space; or, if they use the entire space for merchandise, they must park in the parking lot for $1.00. One or two tables will be provided per space. All merchandise, displays, and tables are to be kept behind yellow lines. Do not hang or place anything between table spaces.

6. Building vendors must park behind their building or in a designated parking space given by the office.

7. Sellers are responsible for clean up of their selling area. All garbage and trash is to be put in the dumpsters located at the back of the market.

8. Any merchandise or display equipment left on the grounds at the end of the day will be disposed of by the management without liability.

9. Fire safety – Nothing is to be stored outside or near buildings. No open flames!

10. No guns or ammo shall be bought, sold, traded, or given away.

11. No knives or swords shall be sold to anyone under the age of 18 years without a parent present at the time of the sale.

12. No food items (including but not limited to candy, diet products, health foods, health supplements, herb products, vitamins, and medications) can be sold or given away as samples.

13. Items which are banned for sale, but not limited to: farm animals, fireworks, drug paraphernalia, obscene material, counterfeit logos and labels on apparel. Additionally, no copyright and no trademark infringement items will be sold in this market. No selling of contact lenses of any type. Violators will be removed from the market immediately.

14. Sellers will not construct anything on the premises without the express permission of the General Partner.

15. No handbills of any kind are to be passed out on the property.

16. To sell or give away animals of any kind, you must have a permit from the City of Anthony.

17. Animals for sale must be kept in clean cages with food and water available at all times.

18. Each seller, dealer, or vendor will conduct themselves in a business like manner. If a seller, dealer, or vendor causes trouble to other vendors, customers, or management, then the management reserves the right to refuse to rent that dealer a stall or if necessary evict that person immediately.

19. No vehicles, including trailers are to be left on the premises during the week.